Facebook Users Can Now DVR Content, Including Ads

But Brands Aren't Able to Target People Who Save Their Posts

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Facebook's new read-it-later tool, Save.
Facebook's new read-it-later tool, Save.

Facebook introduced an Instapaper-like feature on Monday called Save that lets people bookmark links, photos and videos shared on the social network and check them out later.

After users save a post on Facebook, they can pull up a new "Saved" tab to view their stockpile of time-delayed content. A person's saved content will remain private unless he or she decides to share it with their friends.

Facebook will sometimes pop up a gallery of things that users have saved in their news feeds to remind them of their stored content.

Some advertisers may hear about Facebook's see-it-later tool and think: AdKeeper, a bookmarklet for people who wanted to save display ads. While people will be able to save ads from their news feeds and posts from brands' Facebook pages, like any other type of content on Facebook, that's the extent of the tool's current capabilities for advertisers.

Advertisers will not be able to target ads to people who save their ads or page posts, a Facebook spokeswoman said. Nor will Facebook tell brands how many people saved a given ad or page post.

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