Google AdSense Launches In-Stream Video Ad Test

Ads Can Be Played on Publisher's Own Flash Players

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NEW YORK ( -- Google has launched its latest video offering to AdSense -- advertising in the videos that the network's publishers air on their sites.
Google is testing in-stream ads in video through its AdSense program.
Google is testing in-stream ads in video through its AdSense program.

AdSense, which is Google's auction tool that connects buyers and sellers, offers text, display and, most recently, video ad space on publishers' websites. Marketers can buy the ad space and pay on a cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand basis. Also through AdSense, Google is beta testing cost-per-action advertising, in which the publisher is paid only if a consumer makes a purchase or requests more information from the marketer after clicking an ad.

Earlier video plays
The company already has two video AdSense offerings, which it has introduced in 2006: First, click-to-play video ads were introduced about a year ago. Last year it conducted two trials in a video-content-syndication play, one with MTV Networks and another with Warner Music Group, which tied sponsorships to professionally produced video content that AdSense publishers could then syndicate on their sites.

This trial is a closed one and includes an undisclosed group of publishers. The ads will play on publishers' own flash video players -- not in YouTube or Google Video players -- and revenue will be split between publisher and Google. Publishers will determine what videos will have ads and where the ads will be placed within the videos.

Google said it hopes to take what it learns in this trial and use it to figure out what kinds of ads work in videos. It won't take ads longer than 30 seconds, and viewers can skip ads if they chose.

"Just as AdSense adds value to the text content on your website and is useful for your users, we think these in-stream ads in video will add value to publishers' video content and help to deepen engagement with users watching the videos," said Google in a posting on its AdSense blog.
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