Google Glass One-Day Sale Shows Search Giant Can Be a Powerful Retailer When it Wants to Be

Google Promotes 'Glass' Through YouTube

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Want Google Glass?

You can get one today, as the search giant has put much-discussed connected eyewear on sale for one-day only. U.S. residents over 18, willing to shell out $1,500, plus tax, can purchase them through Google online. The site offers seven different titanium frames, including "Curve," "Classic," and "Edge."

So far, Google has primarily relied on its headline-grabbing hardware for its own publicity. (Not all of it has been positive.) Thousands of articles blasted news of the one-day sale. But a 15-second YouTube spot when up yesterday directing viewers to the site for buying Glass, a reminder that Google can be a powerful direct-to-consumer marketer when it wants to be.

Google has a strong tradition of using its own platforms to market products and sell (ie: Chromebooks, Nexus phones) and Google Glass is no different. Since last May, Google has run short vignettes on its YouTube channel, featuring "Glass Explorers," meant to highlight the practical use of the pricey product. In January, it released a spot, created by Anomaly, featuring North Carolina firefighter and Glass developer Patrick Jackson. Google has also put out several how-to videos for the device.

Google Glass hasn't exactly been hard to get for determined early-adopters with the means, but a one-day sale is a marketing maneuver worthy of your local Macy's. When it announced the sale, on April 10th, Google stipulated that there were limited items available for sale. Google Glass comes with a 30 day return policy.

If you do buy one, make sure you know your Google Glass etiquette first.

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