Google Video, YouTube to Remain Separate Operations

Search Giant to Have Its Properties 'Play to Their Respective Strengths'

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NEW YORK ( -- Google unveiled the first integration between Google Video and YouTube today, when it announced it was adding YouTube video results to its Google Video search index.
Steve Chen and Chad Hurley
Steve Chen and Chad Hurley

The company issued a statement to update the status of Google Video and YouTube and said the two services would remain largely independent and "play to their respective strengths." For YouTube, that is remaining the destination for uploading, viewing and sharing videos; for Google Video, that remains search and creating new video technologies.

Video search destination
So it would appear Google Video is viewed less as an online video viewing destination and more primarily as a video search destination.

Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion in early October. The deal closed mid-November but the companies have, until now, stayed relatively mum on whether they would remain entirely independent or work together. Some have even suggested Google should merge Google Video into the more popular and widely known YouTube. It appears the answer to that question lies somewhere in the middle of range of speculation.

Google will offer YouTube access to search and monetization platforms -- although the statement didn't indicate what exactly that monetization would look like. Currently, YouTube has sold branded channels and worked with advertisers to sponsor user-generated content contests. It has also worked with TV networks and movie studios to help promote programs and films and offers advertisers the opportunity to buy plum front-page placement. It recently signed a deal with Verizon that offers a subscription mobile service.

"Ultimately, we envision most user-generated and premium video content being hosted on YouTube so that it can further enhance the YouTube experience," the statement read. "We also envision YouTube benefiting from future Google Video innovations -- especially those involving video search, monetization and distribution."
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