Government Social Feeds Go Quiet on First Day of Shutdown

NASA, FEMA and the National Park Service Among Those to Suspend or Minimize Publishing

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While invective about the state of American democracy has reached a fever pitch on social media, several government feeds themselves have gone quiet on the first day of the federal shutdown.

Agencies including FEMA, the National Park Service and NASA have stated on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds that they'll be suspending or minimizing their publishing on social channels until the shutdown is over and federal dollars start flowing in again.

In the meantime, the message is that non-essential activities like community management will be halted. In delivering the message, federal agencies seemed to telegraph their own opinion about the shut down: they don't like it.

Here's a scary one from the NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory:

Meanwhile, the White House's official Facebook and Instagram accounts sounded a more confrontational tone, placing the blame squarely on Congress.

Predictably, a few brands tried to dive into the conversation, though not nearly so many as tried to participate in the 9/11 memorial dialogue last month. A Facebook post from Mister Softee remarked that it's "still open for business."

The Nando's restaurant chain offered its "Boneless Chicken, Spineless Congress" special, a free meal to non-essential government employees, redeemable on Facebook.

And a tweeted image from @HouseofCards shows House Speaker John Boehner sitting in the same position as actor Kevin Spacey is in a promotional image for the Netflix original. Above Mr. Boehner -- pictured in a mocked-up New York Daily News cover -- is a headline reading "House of Turds."

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