Halo2 "I Love Bees"

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For all the marketing campaigns claiming to be "interactive" (and we too are guilty of using the word to encompass things that are web-based but not necessarily requiring activity), the one leading up to the release of Halo2 was not only interactive, but required players to be proactive. Getting pieces of a story puzzle by pinpointing payphone coordinates, players created communities, held parties and signaled the coming of age of the ultimate interactive marketing-alternate reality games (see Q&A on p. 54 for more of the story).

Client: Microsoft Agency: 4orty 2wo Entertainment CCO: Jordan Weisman President: Joe DiNunzio CD/Lead Designer: Elan Lee Lead Writer/Designer: Sean Stewart CWs: Alex Irvine, Wil McCarthy,Maureen McHugh Producer: Susan Bonds Technical Director/Designer: Jim Stewartson Community Lead/Designer: Jane McGonigal Media Producer: Bob Fagan Audio Production Manager: Jesse Trott Sound Design Supervisor: Roland Yamamoto Managing Editor: Maureen McHugh Senior Programmer: Markus Roskothen Original Audio Directors: Sean Stewart, Elan Lee Susan Bonds


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