Hey CMOs, Facebook Says There Are 28,000 of You

Job Title Targeting Opens Up Facebook's Workplace Data

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Late last week, social media agency Laundry Service got its hands on Facebook's new job title targeting functionality and started pulling stats. Looking for CMOs, it found 28,000 people in the U.S. list chief marketing officer in Facebook's job title field.

Yes, 28,000.

Turns out "CMO" is a bit of an aspirational title.

"The number is high for CMOs with real budgets and authority to act as real officers for a company," said CMO Club president Pete Krainick. "On average 30% of the requests to join the Club state they are CMOs but when we check are not."

A real CMO on Facebook
A real CMO on Facebook

Of the 28,000 Facebook CMOs, 16,600 are female and 10,400 are male. So, according to Facebook, nearly 60% of the country's CMOs are female.

Some Facebook CMOs are also real-life CMOs like Adobe's Ann Lewnes, pictured left.

You're likely now wondering about other professions on Facebook. Laundry Service looked those up too. There are, for instance, only 6,400 doctors on Facebook and a mere 1,560 priests. At this point, we insert the necessary reminder that we're dealing with a non-scientific survey.

There are plenty of massage therapists (32,000), DJs (32,000), and mall cops (62,000) though. So don't worry, if you can't find health or spiritual bliss in this country, you can at least shop in relative safety.

The United States is an entrepreneurial society, as evidenced by the 178,000 CEO & founders and the 300,000 president/CEOs. There's probably some overlap there, but you get the picture.

Mommies, for the record, come in at 124,000.

There is one job in the U.S. that appears to be in danger of extinction: Guru. There are only 1,120 left.

No word on social media evangelists, marketing ninjas or digital prophets. For those, it's probably safe to assume the worst.

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