What Would an 'Honest' Facebook Movie Look Like?

Lots of Annoying Things and Ads That No One Ever Clicks On

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The 500th photo of someone's latte foam to show up in your feed
The 500th photo of someone's latte foam to show up in your feed

If you're a Facebook user, by now you've probably received your very own movie.

In honor of its tenth year, Facebook has given us all the gift of a little one-minute movie looking at our own time on the social-networking site. They range from emotional to funny to vapid to sort of misleading.

While mine did hit a couple of actual high points -- my engagement, publication of my first novel -- it also featured a photo of former Ad Age Editor Jonah Bloom with a Colonel Sanders lookalike, another of four 40-ounce bottles of St. Ides (beware the ides of March) and something from one of last month's snow storms. Completely overlooked: my continuing stream of angry posts during Saints games; barbecue-related travels in Texas (as well as brisket experimentation in my own backyard); Instagram photos of food; the great Velveeta shortage; and the approximately six million photos of my dogs.

Also overlooked are the millions of little annoyances that Facebook users suffer on a daily basis -- like being unable to find anything at all on Facebook (including your little movie) without having to sit there and scroll through your timeline.

But luckily, sketch-comedy duo Tripp and Tyler have created an "honest" Facebook movie for us all to view. The guys behind "A Conference Call in Real Life" have crafted a film featuring ads no one clicks on, invites that are closed without being read, annoying notificaitons from groups we never joined and, of course, the "500th picture of someone's latte foam to show up in my feed."

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