What Are You Ignoring in Marketing Tech?

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Admit it: Your obsession with adopting new technology is obscuring the tech that works right now.

Or maybe that's not it.

Do you use data to build audience segments, tweak your media buys and not much else?

Are you stuck with a hodgepodge of tech solutions that don't form a cohesive approach?

Whatever your challenge with marketing tech, we know you have one -- because everybody does. And we have a plan to help. Join us at Ad Age's IQ Conference: Marketing & Technology on Jan. 17 to hear from the brightest thinkers and practitioners at the intersection of technology and marketing right now. They will uncover how brands can make the most of the latest capabilities, pursue tomorrow's strategies without neglecting what works right now and stay on top of their data.

These issues aren't new.

In our January 1970 report on "Ten Who Made Advertising News in the '60s," Advertising Age singled out nine executives and one surprising outlier: "The Computer."

"Today," we noted, "computers are everywhere on the marketing scene: In media research, go-no-go advertising decisions, credit cards, easy credit operations, payrolls -- and on and on."

But even the dawn of marketing technology was casting shadows, as a Xerox Corp. marketer warned us then. "We are all in danger," he said, "of being drowned in data."

Sound familiar?

Come learn about the frameworks that marketers, platforms and agencies use to make sense of it all -- to keep their heads above water, and then some. And come away with ideas, action plans and new contacts. We'd love to see you there.

Learn more about the IQ Conference: Marketing & Technology and register at adage.com/martech2017.

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