InsideHook, a Thrillist for Older Guys, Raises $1.7 Million and Hires Daily Candy Vet as CEO

Bob Pittman and Jason Hirschhorn Are Investors

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More than a decade after Daily Candy launched and became the model for media companies built around daily email newsletters, there is still money being invested in the space.

Aly Racer
Aly Racer

The most recent example is InsideHook, a New York City-based lifestyle e-newsletter startup that just raised $1.7 million in a Series A investment round from Trigger Media, the venture fund started by former Pilot Group partner Andy Russell. InsideHook has now taken $2.5 million in venture funding from Trigger Media.

With the investment, the company has hired as CEO Aly Racer, the former head of sales at Daily Candy, who will be tasked with building the company that Mr. Russell and Trigger Media advisor Jonathan Keidan shepherded up to now.

InsideHook launched in March with the idea of providing guys that have graduated from the Thrillist age bracket -- "These are established men in their 30s and 40s with disposable income," Ms. Racer says -- with a newsletter that brings them one new experience, nightlife spot, or activity that they should know about each day.

Recent emails highlighted a snowkiting club in New York state and an "Irish drinking saloon that pays homage to the hardscrabble days of Boss Tweed."

Currently, there are New York, Los Angeles, and national editions. The company claims 100,000 subscribers.

"These are hard to speak to, on-the-go guys whose values and tastes are somewhat established," Ms. Racer said. "They turn to InsideHook for advice on where they want to go and learn in life around experiences and having more of an adventurous time."

InsideHook generates revenue mainly through advertising – Audi and Citi have been early clients. It is also getting into events, and is evaluating how it might break into e-commerce.

Trigger Media counts former Myspace president Jason Hirschhorn and Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman as investors. Pittman's Pilot Group has invested in Daily Candy, Thrillist and PureWow, which targets women of a similar vintage as InsideHook.

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