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Age: 30

Title: President, HotWired Ventures, and chief technical officer, Wired, San Francisco

Bio: Born in New York City. B.A. in economics, Columbia University, 1987.

Work history: Analyst and associate, Paine-Webber, 1987-88; associate, First Boston, 1989-90; principal, Sterling Payot Co., 1992-93; current post, 1993-.

Andrew Anker believes HotWired, the Web online service he helped found (, will one day evolve into interactive TV.

"This is the bottoms-up way to go," he said, scoffing at Time Warner's Orlando project as a top-down boondoggle. "We'll be doing interactive TV," he said. When? "I can always say in a year, because a year is a long time to me," he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Anker is taking an aggressive posture in nurturing new media and has made a cause of fending off its detractors, particularly after hearing that the 'net was involved in the Oklahoma City bombing.

"It's just a medium. I bet telephones and paper were used a lot more, but nobody has suggested banning them," he said.

Mr. Anker began playing around with an Apple II when he was 15.

Savie, a program he wrote for cable TV advertising sales, is still used by Nielsen.

Mr. Anker began his career in investment banking with a full-time job while completing his degree at Columbia University. While at Sterling Payot Co. he worked on the initial public offering that funded Wired.

Mild-mannered, modest and somewhat prematurely graying, Mr. Anker bicycles with his young family in tow in his spare time. A home beer brewer, he can't pass up a microbrewery on business trips.

Betcha didn't know: Mr. Anker did the wiring himself to set up his home ISDN line. "It's not that hard," he said.

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