Marketer MVPs of Social Media: Apple Finally Notches a Win

Brands' Most Engaging Posts This Week

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The fifth edition of our weekly chart showing brands' most engaging posts on social media finds the NBA again aglow on Facebook, but, again, via a post about the Warriors' Stephen Curry. (Sports leagues are only as big as their stars.) Starbucks, meanwhile, generated the most engaging brand post on two separate platforms, promoting two separate products. And Apple finally showed up, dominating YouTube with an ad featuring Cookie Monster.

We're using data on the week through Sunday provided by ListenFirst Media, which closely tracks engagement using measures such as likes, shares, comments, views and thumbs-ups. See the week's full chart and the posts themselves by clicking on each here:

Methodology: Marketer MVPs surfaces the individual brand posts, both paid and organic, that generated the most engagement on Facebook (defined as likes, shares and comments), Twitter (retweets and likes), Instagram (likes and comments), Tumblr (original notes) and YouTube (official views, comments and thumbs-ups). Brands tracked are the 200 most-advertised brands by U.S. measured-media spending in 2014, per Ad Age DataCenter.

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