Marketers Jump on Apple Event, Attempt to Hijack Twitter

Ford, Applebees and Oreo Are Among Brands That Tweeted During Apple's Live Event

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Marketers just can't resist a live event, even when it's another brand's.

Everyone from Oreo to Applebees hijacked Apple-related hashtags hoping to be a part of the conversation as Apple revealed a bigger iPhone, watch and digital wallet on Tuesday afternoon.

Some of the tweets were at least relevant, with MasterCard, an initial partner of Apple Pay, promoting the newest feature.

Direct competitors didn't want to be left out. HTC took a jab at Apple's iPhone 6 Plus.

And struggling Blackberry wanted to make sure people still remember it exists.

Other Tweets were less relevant.

Oreo, which has decidedly stepped back from live tweeting during events after it blew up Twitter during the 2013 Super Bowl with its "you can still dunk in the dark" tweet, chimed in.

Zappos promoted its pricey mobile-ready pants.

Ford posted a series of tweets with the #wegotthat2.

Crest used Apple to promoted its Sensi-Stop Strips.

And then there was Applebees…

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