Microsoft Enlists 'Pawn Stars' to Slam Chromebook In Latest 'Scroogled' Hit

After Taking on Google Search, Gmail and Shopping, Microsoft Beats Up On Chromebook

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No Google product appears safe from attack by Microsoft's unrelenting Scroogled campaign. Not even Chromebook, a quasi laptop that only really works when it's connected to the internet.

In the latest Scroogled ad, released yesterday, Microsoft sent an actress to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop of "Pawn Stars" fame and filmed her dismay as the shows' stars, Richard "Old Man" Harrison and his son Rick Harrison, ripped the Chromebook to shreds.

"Because Chromebooks are web based, when you're not connected, it's pretty much a brick," the younger Mr. Harrison explained. "Unfortunately, I can't buy everything," he added. "Especially when it's not what it appears to be, and this is not a real laptop. I'm not buying this one. I don't want to get Scroogled."

The ad debuted just five days after Microsoft opened an online shop selling anti-Google merchandise. The shop has eight items for sale, including a t-shirt with a Chrome logo and the phrase: "Keep calm while we steal your data."

Earlier this year, Microsoft told Ad Age that "the Scroogled campaign will go on as long as Google keeps Scroogling people." The company, seeing positive results from the first wave of Scroogled ads , appears to be sticking to the plan, or even intensifying its effort.

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