Former MySpace, MTV Exec Nada Stirratt Joins Data Giant Acxiom

A Move to Make Data Giant More Visible In Privacy Debate

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Former MySpace, MTV and AOL exec Nada Stirratt has a new job: she's joined former Microsoft advertising chief Scott Howe at Arkansas-based data giant Acxiom.

Nada Stirratt
Nada Stirratt

Ms. Stirratt will be chief revenue officer for Acxiom, based in New York and tasked with managing all the data giant's relationships with marketers as well as making the company more visible at a time when data is more crucial than ever and the privacy debate is hot on Capital Hill.

Acxiom, based in Little Rock, has been around for 42 years, has about $1 billion in revenue earned by helping companies manage their own data, as well as marrying that with databases about consumers. Mr. Howe is attempting to transform a company built on direct mail into a digital marketing powerhouse that can compete in an age of Google and Facebook.

"We are the data refinery. We go out and scour the world for the most useful, predictive and powerful data -- almost always the client's data -- and then marry that with other elements, which can include behavioral, psychographic data, or lists of addresses," Mr. Howe, CEO, said.

Ms. Stirratt joins a management team at Acxiom that now also includes former Chief Financial Officer Warren Jenson, who joined the company in January. "Acxiom is a company everyone knows about but I think the three of us see an opportunity to arm it for the next leg of growth," he said. "We think there is a brighter future in the coming years."

Part of that is making Acxiom, which employs a chief privacy officer and has been dealing with privacy issues for decades, a bigger part of the privacy discussion today. "That's why I'm here so we can be a part of those conversations about the use of data and what marketers should be doing with their data," said Ms. Stirratt.

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