Two NFL Teams Post Their 2014 Schedules on Snapchat

Jets and Saints' 'Stories' Persist Longer Than Your Standard 10 Seconds

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An image from the schedule the Jets posted on Snapchat
An image from the schedule the Jets posted on Snapchat

Marketers are pressing forward with their eager experimentation on Snapchat.

At least two NFL teams are using the ephemeral-messaging service for a seemingly paradoxical purpose: posting their 2014 schedules, which they did last night shortly after the NFL's official release.

But the New York Jets and the New Orleans Saints both used Snapchat "stories," the closest thing to a broadcasting option on the service, which is mainly dedicated to one-to-one sharing of photos and videos that vanish after 10 seconds.

Stories can be stitched together from multiple images and video clips, with the most recent one appearing at the end for the sake of narrative coherence. They appear beside account handles in a user's list of friends, can stay visible for 24 hours and can be replayed as often as someone likes in that window.

There's the option of making them visible to just friends, a custom list, or "everyone" on Snapchat -- an option that creates the semblance of a public profile on what's been an extremely private service.

The Jets and the Saints stitched together a series of images depicting their schedule for the 16-week season. The Jets' account used images of the opposing teams' helmets, while the Saints' used action shots from past games with the competitor each week.

The Jets also teased the Snapchat story yesterday afternoon on Twitter.

While Snapchat has primarily been recognized for adoption among teenagers and younger millennials, sports is shaping up to be an interesting area for it. The Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Wizards, Milwaukee Bucks, Pittsburgh Penguins, Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets, English Premier League team Southampton F.C., the University of Kansas athletics department, the NBA and the MLB all have accounts on the service.

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