WSJ Online Survey Finds 99% Use Internet at Work

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NEW YORK ( -- The overwhelming majority of all senior executives at large U.S. companies now use the Internet as a major source for business news, according to the latest Boardroom Connections survey conducted by Harris Interactive for The Wall Street Journal Online.

The survey, started in 2000, is designed to document the online habits -- or lack thereof -- of corporate executives.

The Connections study found that 99% of all senior executives use the Internet at work and 97% access it at home, spending an average of 13.4 hours a week -- or nearly two hours every day -- Web surfing. Reading business news was the most common purpose for Internet use for 95% of the executives.

Indicative of the level of importance Internet activities have assumed in their personal lives, 77% of the executives said they installed high-speed connections in their homes, the report said.

The study, which also gathers data about senior executives' spending habits online, found that the three most common purchases are airline tickets (83%), books (82%) and hotel reservations (78%).

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