Online Video Company Revision3 Cuts Staff, Programs

Despite Profitability, Blames 'Economic Situation' for Need for Changes

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NEW YORK ( -- Joining in the cost-cutting that some offline TV companies are undergoing, new-media video company Revision3 is eliminating staff and shows today as a direct result of the economic climate.

Revision3 is profitable and has been considered one of the more promising online-video companies. It has focused on creating original content in genres that already have big followings on the web, especially technology. It has also explored unique sponsorship models vs. more traditional pre-roll or post-roll.

"It's a sign of the economic situation we're in and it comes down to programming changes," said a spokeswoman, who would not give a sense of how many positions were being trimmed.

Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback addressed the moves in a post on the company's blog: "We've had a number of great successes here at Revision3, including 'Diggnation,' 'Tekzilla' and 'The Totally Rad Show.' But not everything pans out. Just as in the past, when we ended shows that just weren't building audiences or driving revenue, we had to make changes. As you may have heard, today we had to make some tough staffing decisions as we ended the run of a few of our shows."

Photoshop show "Pixel Perfect," "PopSiren" and "Internet Superstar" are ending their runs; Revision3 is also ending the distribution deals it had with "Epic Fu" and "Wine Library." Both shows will continue to live on their own websites.

"Even though we're sad to see these shows end on Revision3, in today's economic climate it's essential for us to focus on what we do best, and where the best opportunity for success lie," said Mr. Louderback.
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