Pinterest May Roll Out a 'Buy' Button as Early as This Year

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Pinterest is reportedly working on getting into the e-commerce game by offering a "Buy" button that would let users purchase "pinned" items without leaving the site or app.

Re/code first reported the move, saying it could happen this year and noting that it's been expected for some time:

Currently, Pinterest's 70 million monthly visitors use the service to save and share images of things like recipes, furniture, food and clothing. But since Pinterest burst onto the scene several years ago, industry observers, analysts and users have been waiting for the day that it would transform itself from a digital corkboard into a digital mall.

A spokesman for Pinterest declined to comment on a "Buy" button. If one comes, it will lag lag Twitter's venture into e-commerce, a "Buy Now" button that debuted last fall. But Pinterest's visual approach and frequent focus on curating objects of desire may lend itself to e-commerce more readily than Twitter's typical stream of headlines and commentary.

Pinterest said today it will be offering App Pins, which allows users to download apps right from Pinterest with the click of an "install" button, and recently acquired ad tech firm Kosei, so that it could better match promoted pins with appropriate users.

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