Brands puckered up for International Kissing Day

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Since when does vodka lead to kissing?
Since when does vodka lead to kissing? Credit: Absolut via Twitter

Smear on some lipstick, take a shot and pucker up: Friday was International Kissing Day. (It was also National Fried Chicken Day, which made for a ... foul combination. We'll stick to smooching.) Here's how some brands, TV shows and public figures got in on the action.


Gal Gadot puckers up in a Boomerang on behalf of Revlon. Apply, kiss, repeat.

Absolut Vodka

Pride Month may be behind us, but Absolut is still dreaming of an all-inclusive, kiss-friendly world. Booze and necking, what could go possibly wrong?

Bob's Burgers

Ah, young dairy aisle love. Bob's Burgers celebrates the holiday with one of Tina's most memorable snogs.


International athletes feel the love in this sweet retrospective video from Olympics past.

Jameson Whiskey

Once again, what could possibly go wrong? Bartender, hit us again!

'Will & Grace'

"Will & Grace" was ahead of its time for many reasonsβ€”one being the prevalence of lip-locking among characters.

Norm Kelly

OK, fine. One concession to chicken. Two great tastes that taste ... kinda greasy together! Toronto politician and Twitter's favorite grandpa Norm Kelly knows how to celebrate.

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