Samsung Mobile Speed-Texting App Leverages Facebook 'Achievements'

Results of Text Battles Will Surface in Facebook Friends' 'Tickers'

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Samsung Mobile thinks the full keyboard on its Stratosphere phone will make for faster texting. To prove it, they've launched a social game using Facebook functionality that allows for "achievements" in social games to surface in friends' "tickers."

Fastest in the Stratosphere
Fastest in the Stratosphere

The app, "Fastest in the Stratosphere," can be accessed by anyone with web-browsing capability on their mobile phone through Facebook and pits two people who happen to be logged in at the same time against each other in a real-time texting competition, where they're tasked with typing out a sentence as quickly as possible.

Through the achievements feature of the Graph API, results will be surfaced in Facebook friends' tickers on the upper right-hand corner of their screens.

According to Samsung Mobile's VP-strategic marketing, Brian Wallace, the intention behind the app is to draw attention to the capability of the Samsung Stratosphere for Verizon, which he says is the first 4G LTE phone to have a full, physical QWERTY keyboard, though the game can be played on any web-enabled mobile device. But since points, badges and leaderboard status on the game are shareable on Facebook, it's also an opportunity to drive earned media for the brand.

"The challenge we had is that in order to understand the value of this innovation, a consumer needs to try it out and compare it to other products. Traditionally, this would require a consumer to go into a store, which can be a challenge," he said. "We wanted to bring this experience to consumers while doing so in a unique and engaging way."

"I'm impressed by how intelligent the game is ," said Ian Schafer, CEO of the digital agency Deep Focus, which built the app. He noted that the app is meant to demonstrate that the new phone isn't just fast in terms of data speed, but also for composing messages.

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