Serving Online Video Ads? Shorter and Earlier Is Better

Pre-roll May Be Your Best Option to Reach Consumers

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Not surprisingly, consumers would like to see shorter ads served up with their online video. But here's what is unexpected: They say pre-roll may be the best option.
Source: Frank N. Magid Associates

Based on the latest consumer-research data from Frank N. Magid Associates, people are indeed noticing online video ads -- almost two-thirds of internet consumers ages 12 to 64 have seen video ads online. And, clearly, consumers say they'd prefer them shorter. Almost a majority, or 46%, prefer ads that are 10 seconds or shorter online, with another 26% preferring ads that are 11 to 15 seconds.

Consumers also say they'd be mostly likely to sit through an ad if it's at the beginning of the video content that they want to watch, as opposed to in the middle, interstitial-style, at the end of the video or even in between videos they might want to watch.

The common advertising assumption is that pre-roll doesn't work -- but pair a short ad with content consumers want to view, and pre-roll just might be the ticket.

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Mike Vorhaus is senior VP-managing director of new media and strategy for Frank N. Magid Associates.
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