Forget the NYSE: This May Be Best Sign Yet for Twitter's Future

On Twitter's Biggest Day, Real People Are Tweeting About Other Things

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Trending topics this morning
Trending topics this morning

If you're in any way connected to media, marketing, tech or finance, Twitter's IPO is the biggest thing going for you this morning. But for Twitter to have the kind of mass appeal that will make it valuable to marketers and investors, it has to transcend this universe and become relevant, and useful, to those who don't professionally follow media, tech or stocks. In other words, real people.

As Rishad Tobacowalla, chairman of Publicis Groupe's digital agencies, put it in Wall Street Journal this morning: "I would like to see Twitter make its service more essential to a broader public. Currently it's too narrow and inside baseball with a small sliver of users making most of the content."

In the early days, Twitter itself was the most common trending topic on Twitter. Other frequent trends were Twitter-centric happenings such as SXSW, where Twitter blew up in 2007. For years, Twitter was a closed circle: people interested in Twitter talking about, well, Twitter.

But here today is a big sign that the closed circle is opening up somewhat, noted by Twitter's ad director in D.C., Peter Greenberger:

That's right, on Twitter's biggest day yet, users of Twitter are talking about something else, Obamacare. And that's a better sign for Twitter than anything that happens on the floor of the NYSE today.

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