Snapchat Looks to Bring 'MythBusters,' 'Shark Week' Shows to App

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If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.

That's not just the "MythBusters" motto, but apparently the motto for every entertainment and news brand when it comes to Snapchat.

On Thursday, the messaging and media app announced a partnership with Discovery Communications to develop content like "MythBusters" and "Shark Week" for the mobile screen.

Discovery's "MythBusters" was canceled last year, and it's unclear what form the Snapchat version would take. However, the channel has been on the search for new talent to help relaunch the show on television.

The Snapchat shows are still in development, according to a Discovery spokeswoman.

Snapchat has been on a shark-like feeding frenzy these past weeks to bring more television-style shows to the platform ahead of its public stock offering.

It recently announced new reality shows with A&E and will host a "Planet Earth" series from the BBC. Also, it nabbed The New York Times and The Washington Post as publishing partners, joining a lineup of media companies already hosting channels on the platform.

It's all part of Snapchat's strategy to offer a variety of content for advertisers to sponsor, and hopefully get people hooked into coming back more often.

Snapchat has about 160 million daily users, but its media section is not considered the main draw for the app that's more known for person-to-person messaging.

Snapchat is competing with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others for media partnerships and the TV ad dollars that come with such mobile video deals.

Just this week, Facebook announced it would adjust how video plays on the social network, autoplaying with sound on, which was sparked by the rivalry with Snapchat.

Facebook also said it would launch new TV apps, as it also goes for more media deals to attract more digital shows to its platform.

Twitter, too, has been evolving along a similar trajectory.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misnamed Discovery Communications. AdAge regrets the error.

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