Sprint, T-Mobile CEOs Wage Feisty Fight On Twitter About Whose Plans Are Worse

'Uncarrier Bullshit' and 'You Mad, Bro?' Bandied About in 140-Character Rants

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Twitter is often touted as a platform that gives a voice to those who may otherwise be unheard. But it also provides a platform for high-earning executives and competitors to curse at each other over who has a lousier product.

Last night Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure went on a tirade after T-Mobile CEO John Legere posted the following:

The link was to a Re/Code story that didn't cast Sprint's latest promotion --an all-in $80-a-month plan with ads that directly go after AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile -- in the best light.

Mr. Claure, a prolific tweeter these days, responded with a four-part diatribe:

Mr. Legere responded just this afternoon, heckling Mr. Claure with tweets like:

Sprint Tuesday began offering consumers an $80 "All In" pricing plan (it's a limited time promotion) that includes $20 lease payments on a handset and $60 for unlimited text, phone and data services.

But the company quickly released a statement that it would not throttle streaming video after some observant consumers noticed that in the fine print the speed would be limited to 600 kbps.

Said Mr.Claure on Twitter:

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