Study: Video keeps viewers’ attention

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Online viewers may have longer attention spans for video ads than previously thought. People watch 21.8 seconds of a 30-second online ad, according to research by Klipmart Corp., an online-video-delivery and management company in New York.

"There has been endless debate ... about the optimum length of online video spots," said Aimee L. Pamintuan, Klipmart's research director, who studied how users interacted with 500 online video campaigns. "Some have advocated spots as short as 10 seconds, claiming that because users can click the ad off, they won't stick around very long. But we know that users are watching 70% of the video."

The length of video spots is important as brand advertisers use more of their TV spots online now that more than 60% of Internet users have broadband connections.

Adding interactive elements-that is, giving the user more to do than just the standard play, pause, stop buttons-also increases the length of time users watch ads. The rate of interaction increases across all industry categories as more clickable features are added; in the auto category, for instance, interaction rises 14% when features are added.

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