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'Telescoping' Ads Into Online Video Content

Video Clips of Jeremy Allaire's Streaming Media East Remarks

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NEW YORK ( -- The TV-spot-like pre-roll commercials and adjacent banners that currently dominate online video advertising inventory are becoming "trivial," Jeremy Allaire told last week's Streaming Media East conference.

Speaking at the gathering at the Hilton New York, the founder and CEO of Brightcove said online video is rapidly moving into a "realm of very unique formats and sponsorship opportunities."

Interactive overlays
One of the most important of these, he said, is the use of video programming with commercial "overlays" that allow viewers with one click to pause the video programming and "telescope" into various sorts of interactive product-related messages. Later they can telescope out of the commercial activity and resume watching the video content.

"Play a game. Learn about a product. This overlay models allow you to have Internet interstitial ads that are not as intrusive as full video commercials," he said. "Telescoping allows you to have these fairly interactive immersive experiences that wipe over the entire surface of the broadband channel experience."

Online video streaming company
Brightcove is a Cambridge, Mass.-based company that provides online video streaming and related ad networking services to clients including AOL, the New York Times Co., Oxygen Network and SmartMoney.

Mr. Allaire was a co-developer of the ColdFusion e-commerce software system and a former chief technical officer of Macromedia Inc.
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