#ThankYouCoke? YouTube Supporters Give Brand Love by Mistake

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Coca-Cola on Wednesday began getting some love from YouTubers who were under the impression that the cola giant was not following other big marketers that have halted spending on Google/YouTube over the issue of ads being placed with objectionable content. The phrase #ThankYouCoke began picking up traction on social media after two YouTube stars known as Keemstar and Scarce cut a video praising Coke and bashing Pepsi, which is among the companies that have confirmed a spending pause.

There's just one problem: Coke also suspended spending on everything but paid search, which a spokeswoman again confirmed to Ad Age today. Keemstar realized his error late last night and posted the following video on Twitter, where he has more than 1.3 million followers.

But the love for Coke from YouTube sympathizers kept rolling in today, despite his correction …

The incident proves two things: First, don't trust everything you watch/read on the internet (duh). Second, there is a movement afoot by YouTubers who make their livelihood on the platform to try to punish brands who pull their ad dollars. Keemstar and Scarce promised to give "free promotion" to the first advertiser that returns to YouTube. "This is hurting a lot of YouTubers that don't make hateful contents," Keemstar says in one of several update videos he posted today in which he also attacked the Wall Street Journal for simply reporting on the issue.

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