Ad Tech Startup RevJet Puts Digital Creative In Marketers' Hands

Microsoft Is Platform's First Client

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Mitchel Weisman, RevJet's CEO.
Mitchel Weisman, RevJet's CEO. Credit: Courtesy RevJet

The ad tech firm RevJet is introducing an optimization platform for digital ads that builds in tools allowing marketers to test and tweak digital ad creative for programmatic, mobile, web, video and social media, with Microsoft as one of their first clients.

The Creative Side Platform, as RevJet calls it, lets anyone in a marketing or creative team assemble variations of ads to run against each other, check which one performs better, run the winning version and increase the conversion rates with the same ad spending.

The results have been encouraging, said Diana Choksey, media technology and ad operations lead at Microsoft, who has been using the platform for the last few weeks. "We are regularly doubling and tripling conversions with the same ad spending, by constantly refining the creative," she said.

Mitchell Weisman, RevJet's CEO, is quick to say that his product does not represent competition to creative agencies, even if it means that clients will be able to tinker with calls to action, copy or concepts by themselves. "There is no threat," he said. "We think that there will be more demand for more creative work."

Ms. Choksey said the agencies that work with her were intrigued by the platform. "It takes the busywork out of ad agencies, and all that back and forth," she says.

RevJet is a spinoff of Mr. Weisman's previous company, LifeStreet Media, which sells ads inside Facebook and mobile applications. The new company spent one year developing the new platform, working from LifeStreet's existing ad optimization technology.

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