Good to Know: Timberland Doesn't Want to Execute CEOs

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Credit: @honoredspirit via twitter

No, Timberland does not want to execute CEOs. Though you might have been led to believe that thanks to a tweet featuring the strangely violent message that spread Thursday morning.

The tweet displays an ad for a boot with the message: "You're never going to be able to retire. Let's start executing CEOs." The user who posted it, @HonoredSpirit, added: "Timberland not fucking about when it comes to capturing the millennial market." The ad also displayed a link to Timberland's Hong Kong website and Facebook page.

When reached by Ad Age on Twitter, @HonoredSpirit—who identified himself as "Jesse Farrar"—said via direct message that "I made it sorry." He shared a photo of the original advertisement, which reads, "You're never going to be able to retire. Why should your boots?"

He also mentioned that he had parodied another tweet:

@HonoredSpirit also noted it surprised him that people thought it was real because "I didn't really match the lighting well" and "Timberland is not going to advocate killing CEOs." But by midday on Thursday, the tweet already had more than 200 retweets and nearly 600 "likes."

The user wouldn't say where he's based or what he does, other than the fact that he works in an office. "Sorry I just don't want to give you my whole life story over a photoshop," he wrote, before telling us to have a nice day.

Timberland initially said it was looking into the situation, but did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the fake ad.

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