Six Top Campaigns Using Twitter Amplify

T-Mobile, Pepsi, NFL, Bridgestone Show How It's Done

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There are many ways brands and TV programmers can use Twitter Amplify. The most basic involve co-branded videos that include a five-to-seven-second pre-roll clip, and sports highlights are proving to be the sweet spot. But Twitter's partners are also finding other ways to link video content with advertisers' messaging.

ESPN's World Cup Replay

Stunning sports plays are a safe bet. Here ESPN pushed out a clip of Argentina's Lionel Messi giving his team a two-goal advantage against Bosnia.

Viacom and Pepsi

Pepsi and Viacom got creative, using the program to release exclusive content and music such as unreleased tracks and albums. The first of these, in June, gave Ed Sheeran fans inside access to the artist.

2013 U.S. Open Sponsored by Heineken

Another epic sports clip: The beer maker's replay of a 54-shot rally between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic was retweeted 1,500 times.

'The Colbert Report' and T-Mobile

Instead of using the typical five-to-seven-second pre-roll, Viacom and T-Mobile decided to do an in-show integration and tweeted out a clip of that.

NFL "Omaha" Video

Is sports works and humor works, why not sports and humor? Here are 51 seconds of Peyton Manning yelling "Omaha."

MotoGP and Bridgestone

Bridgestone slowed down a clip -- with tires on prominent display -- from the premiere championship of motorcycle racing.

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