Twitter Wants More Credit for Its Ads Driving Sales, App Installs

Conversion Lift Reports Look to Appease Previously Frustrated Direct-Response Advertisers

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Twitter is looking to underscore its ads' ability to drive actual business results like product sales and app installs.

The social network is going to start issuing reports that measure how much o impact Twitter ads have on converting people into customers across desktop and mobile.

The move is Twitter's latest attempt to appease direct-response advertisers who are looking for tangible business outcomes from their ads and have been previously disappointed by Twitter's ability to target those ads or track their performance.

To create these so-called conversion lift reports, Twitter will monitor a group of people that see a brand's ad on Twitter and a group that doesn't see the ad. After a campaign finishes, it will check the number of people in each group that did things like visit an advertiser's site, buy a product on that site or download the advertiser's app to see how many more of those actions were taken by the people exposed to the ad versus those who weren't exposed.

According to Twitter's own data, people who see a promoted tweet are 1.4 times more likely to do things on a brand's site like add a product to a shopping cart or actually buy the product than those people who don't see the ad on Twitter.

In addition to clicks and conversions on brands' sites and mobile app installs and opens, Twitter's conversion lift reports will also measure the extent to which its ads can lead people to switch their wireless carriers.

The conversion lift reports will also use the results to show brands how much more money people spent per transaction because of the ads as well as which audiences they may want to target with future campaigns.

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