Twitter's Launch Partners Experiment With Content for Brand Pages

Live-Tweeting and Breaking News Are Among Possibilities for Top Position of Brands' Timeline

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Only 21 marketers have access to Twitter's newly launched brand pages thus far, but those in the mix are conceptualizing new content strategies to take advantage of the platform.

While content opportunities for Disney and Paramount's "Mission: Impossible" handle are easy (both currently have movie trailers in the top slot in the timeline where a tweet can be programmed to remain for as long as a brand wants), non-entertainment brands will have to come up with more creative uses. HP will be highlighting tweets from followers, for example, while General Electric has a video entitled "140 Things We Made Yesterday at GE."

Pepsi 's Twitter brand page
Pepsi 's Twitter brand page

Pepsi 's handle urges people to comment on Pepsi Sound Off, the social platform designed for fans of "The X Factor," promising the best comment will be featured in a commercial. According to Shiv Singh, global head of digital for PepsiCo Beverages, Twitter brand pages enable greater fluidity of content, since his team will be able to swap out the current top tweet with another message after "The X Factor" ends tonight.

Mr. Singh also noted that Twitter's advertising products can serve a function that 's complementary to brand pages. For instance, a promoted tweet teasing the news that a person of interest will be talking about Pepsi during a commercial break on "The X Factor" could link back to the brand page, which would provide the answer.

"[Twitter] is starting to take tentative but very interesting steps into being more of a destination instead of just a conversation platform," said Mr. Singh.

Intel's VP-Global Marketing Strategy and Campaigns Nancy Bhagat said her company would swap out its top tweet at least once daily and use it for live-tweeting events and to break company news and make key announcements, among other purposes. (The top spot currently features a video of the Intel-inspired Ultrabook.)

Ms. Bhagat noted that content is key in growing Intel's base of followers, and the focus will be on topics that generate excitement, such as technology and innovation, as well as company "passion points" such as education. She also said that Intel is strategically considering upping its usage of Twitter's paid promoted products.

"The boundaries between paid and earned are blurring, and that 's what represents an exciting opportunity: How do you develop a fan base through organic content and with paid products to supplement as well?" she said.

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