See the Spot: Verizon's New Ad Features Kenneth and Jenna From '30 Rock'

Work Illustrates What Happens When Providers Shrink Video Content

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Verizon's latest spots include some members from the cast of "30 Rock," and features a dialogue fans of the show may remember about the "backdoor brag."

The spot, which was created by Wieden & Kennedy and began airing last night, resurrects "30 Rock" characters Jenna, played by Jane Krakowski, and Kenneth, played by Jack McBrayer, and it also features a non-speaking part by Frank, played by Judah Friedlander.

In the spot, Jenna approaches Kenneth as he is working on a personal essay that he's having trouble completing, because it's not in his nature to brag about himself, he said. Jenna then asks, "Not even a backdoor brag?"

When Kenneth asks what that is, she says a backdoor brag is sneaking something wonderful about yourself into everyday conversation, like when she tells people "I can't watch musicals because I have perfect pitch." It's a nearly identical conversation the two have in a season 2 episode of the now defunct show, only Jenna in the episode said "American Idol" instead of "musical."

Meanwhile, the walls of the "30 Rock" set are closing in around them, which is meant to illustrate what happens when wireless providers promise you unlimited streaming, but then shrink the videos so they're not HD quality, as they eat up more data.

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