At VidCon, YouTube Stars and Their Fans Look to Snapchat, Twitter

Interviews With Top Digital Celebs Including iJustine, Smosh and Joey Graceffa

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Every summer for the past six years, thousands of YouTube creators, their fans and often those fans' parents descend on Anaheim, California, for VidCon. It's Comic-Con for YouTube. But lately it's not just for YouTube. Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter have each emerged with their own sizeable video audiences.

Ad Age interviewed several digital video stars and their fans during VidCon about all the video services that are vying for their attentions and how they compare.

If you want to skip ahead to a particular topic, here's a list of timestamps for each corresponding section:

  • YouTube's longstanding dominance: 0:25
  • How YouTubers aren't only posting to YouTube anymore: 0:43
  • Where fans are going to watch videos: 1:15
  • Facebook: pros and cons: 1:41
  • The rise of Snapchat: 3:23
  • What do fans like about Snapchat videos?: 4:30
  • Don't forget about Twitter: 5:54
  • The difference between Snapchat/Twitter and YouTube/Facebook: 6:33
  • YouTube's not going anywhere, nor are its stars: 7:18
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