Ad Age Digital: Visa Is Thinking Mobile-First and That Means Payments

CMO Kevin Burke Set to Keynote Ad Age Digital in San Francisco on Oct. 15

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Kevin Burke, CMO, Visa
Kevin Burke, CMO, Visa

The future is omni-commerce, says Kevin Burke, chief marketing officer at Visa, and it will change everything.

How? Mr. Burke will explain during his keynote at Ad Age's Digital Conference in San Francisco on Oct. 15. Here's a preview:

"Mobile is now the first screen versus TV, when someone is watching programming. The idea that it will be consumed by consumers in a more integrated fashion requires we think about it in a more holistic way," he said.

The proliferation of technology, particularly mobile is influencing the way consumers research, purchase and pay for products. That's led Visa to cease thinking of individual channels and to always think about mobile first. Internally, Mr. Burke said Visa talks about designing for the "flick" because when you optimize for mobile "all the other things fall into place."

Visa is thinking carefully about how a shift to omni-commerce will impact consumers' payment behavior. The by Visa digital wallet, for example, gives consumers a secure way to pay online. And, soon they'll be able to pay in person using a tablet or other mobile device as well. The brand plans to add additional functionality, such as transaction alerts and the ability to receive personalized offers.

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Mr. Burke says omni-commerce is defined by three characteristics: the idea that consumers are driving the conversation, as it relates to purchases and transactions; consumers' need and desire to have hyper-relevant information; and a seamless experience integrated across devices.

From a marketing perspective, the brand is also embracing "mobile first with social at its core" through programs like #MyFootballFantasy, which encourages customers to share their fantasies on Twitter and Instagram.

Like Visa, some retailers are moving quickly to embrace the new reality, while others are lagging. "Folks that are leading the way are taking a mobile-first approach to everything," Mr. Burke said. "They're thinking about every piece of content that might be relevant to potential or existing customers through the window of mobile."

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