'The Afternoon Report' Combines E-mail and Web Section

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NEW YORK (AdAge.com) -- In order to take advantage of the public's voracious appetite for constantly updated war information, the Wall Street Journal Online has accelerated the launch of its new e-mail and Web publication, "The Afternoon Report."

"We were planning to roll it out sometime next month. With the war, we realized this was something readers would particularly want now, so we moved the schedule ahead by several weeks," said Bill Grueskin, managing editor of the WSJ Online.

Twice daily
Subscribers can access the new "Afternoon Report" either as a Web page at a fixed URL inside the WSJ Online site or as an e-mail that is automatically send out twice daily. The Web page and e-mail sign-up forms are available from the main home page of the WSJ Online.

The publication is aimed at providing an enhanced service to existing WSJ Online subscribers. There are no plans to sell it as a stand-alone.

The e-mail "Afternoon Report" version began going out yesterday. The e-mailed reports are currently in text format but will move to the more graphic HTML format sometime next month, the company said.

Story links
Both versions contain virtually the same synopses with links to longer stories and backgrounders on the same subject elsewhere within the site. Both are updated at 12:30 p.m. and after the market closes. In effect, "Afternoon Report" serves as tightly focused digest of the day's latest news stories that can be easily skimmed or explored at greater depth via the live links to full stories.

"There's going to be a lot of reader interest in how the war affects the markets and particular industries," said Scott Schulman, president of consumer electronic publishing at Dow Jones and publisher of the WSJ Online.

"The notion behind the 'Afternoon Report' is to provide readers with one place to go to get a strong, insightful summary of the key news items of the day since the morning paper," Mr. Schulman said.

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