Watch: Bloomberg and Twitter on the New 24/7 News

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Twitter's Matt Derella (l.) and Bloomberg's Scott Havens
Twitter's Matt Derella (l.) and Bloomberg's Scott Havens  Credit: David Hall

Twitter's latest partnership with Bloomberg, an upcoming 24/7 breaking news network that was announced this past May, was the subject of Ad Age Next's "Shifting Streams" session on Tuesday.

Over the course of the next decade of disruption, said Matt Derella, global vp of client solutions for the social media platform, "the opportunity is to show people what's happening, what people are talking about, by bringing together live video with partners like Bloomberg and the conversations [that happen] on Twitter."

Tuesday's conversation was a deep dive that ranged from the network's early hiccups to advertising plans. Brands that have already inked deals include Goldman Sachs, Infiniti, TD Ameritrade and CA Technologies. Bloomberg has been looking for sponsors to not only serve ads during breaks but be part of the content that will fill the nonstop news engine.

Below, Garett Sloane gets some juicy sound bites.

It's "a unique product ... and we think incredibly vital for this time where there's alot of fake news [and] hyper partisanship," said Scott Havens, global head of digital for Bloomberg Media. "With Bloomberg, with our centrist brand, our date-driven objective brand, we feel there's an incredible—even noble— opportunity here to set the world straight."

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