Watch: Walmart's E-Commerce Game Is Off the Charts

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Sumaiya Balbale.
Sumaiya Balbale. Credit: David Hall

Walmart reported record earnings on Tuesday, touting third-quarter earnings that surpassed all expectations. A highlight: The company saw a 50 percent spike in e-commerce sales.

In perfect timing, Sumaiya Balbale, the company's VP of e-commece mobile and digital marketing, sat down with Adrianne Pasquarelli at Ad Age Next on Wednesday to talk about the retail behemoth's e-commerce strategy.

"We spend a good chunk of time trying to enhance the value proposition that we're offering to customers with investments in things like two-day shipping and pick-up discounts, and really leveraging the power of omni-channel shopping," said Balbale.

For more on Walmart's strategy, whether it thinks it can catch up in the world of voice-controlled e-commerce, and thoughts on the future of shopping, have a listen.

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