WSJ Scores Big on YouTube Channel Ratings, Thanks to Pixar

A Tiny Trailer for a Short Film Moves Needle For News Channel

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While WSJDigitalNetwork is the biggest mover on the YouTube Original Channel Tracker this week, it's Pixar who should be getting the credit.

A teaser for the animation company's short film "The Blue Umbrella," which was posted on the channel, led to a big jump in viewership. The channel grew by 234% over last week to take the No. 9 spot amid the likes of AwesomenessTV and Clevver News.

The Wall Street Journal's YouTube Channel hosts a range of videos – from news to sports to entertainment – and most of the videos posted in the last week have garnered a somewhere in the thousands views.

A video about Lance Armstrong's Oprah interview has about 3,000 views, while another about Miss Alabama Katherine Webb has more than 18,000. But the 30-second Pixar teaser blows them all out of the water! It has racked up more than 2 million views since it was posted on January 6th.

"The Blue Umbrella" is a tale of two umbrellas – one red and one blue – that fall in love on a rainy day in an animated city. Directed by camera and staging artist Saschka Unseld, it marks the first time that a Pixar film originated from one of its technical artists or someone responsible for visual effects.

Pixar, of course, is well-known for movies like "Toy Story," "Cars," "Up," and "Brave," but the studio also has a long history of Oscar-winning short films. In Pixar's early years, short films were a way to test out new techniques of animation. More recently, the studio has presented its new short films in front of full-length features. "The Blue Umbrella" is due out in June and will be screened before "Monsters University," a sequel to "Monster, Inc."

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