Five Questions About Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer From Yahoo Answers

Dear Marissa: Can You Give Me a Job? I Am 23 And Unemployed

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Everyone from journalists to advertisers to Yahoo employees have questions about Marissa Mayer and what her plans are for Yahoo. But answers are in short supply since she's currently not giving interviews, nor has she opened up the floor to staff in an all-hands setting yet.

Marissa Mayer
Marissa Mayer

We decided to seek out questions and answers from Yahoo's 7-year-old Q&A site Yahoo Answers. We don't know if Yahoo Answers is on Ms. Mayer's chopping block, but here are five questions and answers we found there, unedited:

1. "Seniors do you feel Marissa Mayer becoming Yahoo's new CEO will help save Yahoo?"
Our favorite answer: "You mean Yahoo! Q-n-A may become extinct? Aw chucks, where to now for fun times online, esp. during winter months."

2. "Will Marissa Mayer improve Yahoo's relevance or will Romney's old company move in and ship it all to China?"
Our favorite answer (and the only one): "If it's a green job, 0bama will send it to China like he did all those solar jobs, or Finland like the Fisker car. Or China where they are now building the wind turbines."

3. "Is the new CEO of Yahoo an example of a woman who truly can 'have it all'?"
Our favorite answer: "When it comes to being a mommy, I follow my instincts and enhance my knowledge through reliable sources. Marissa Mayer? Who is that again?"

4. "What does the Google Employee number mean? For example, the just hired Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was Google Employee No. 20."
Our favorite answer: "Google Employee number 20 here refers to Marissa Mayer in such a sense that she was the 20th employee google hired."

5. And a final, depressing one:

"Dear Marissa Mayer, can you give me a job? I am 23 and unemployed," the poster wrote. "I can work at home on the computer doing grunt work. Thanks."

That last one has since been deleted, but no one, including Ms. Mayer, had answered it.

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