Side-by-Side Comparison: Yahoo's Search Redesign Vs. Everyone Else

Yahoo Introduced Its Search Redesign Last Month for Firefox Users

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Last month Yahoo started rolling out a new look for its search results pages. The new look appears to be noticeably different from its previous design. But as some people have pointed out, Yahoo's search redesign doesn't look all that different from Google's search results pages. Or Microsoft's year-old redesign of Bing.

In fact it can be hard to tell the difference between any of the three major search engine's current designs.

Ad Age wanted to see exactly how different -- and maybe not so different -- today's search experience is on the three major engines. So on Thursday we conducted six searches on old Yahoo, new Yahoo, Google and Bing, mixing timely queries like "what time does the super bowl start" with evergreen ones like "kim kardashian." We took screenshots of the results pages and have pasted them below within a comparison slider to see how they look against the most recently updated search design -- Yahoo's -- to get a clearer picture of how online search looks today.

Click on the slider button in the middle of each image and drag it left or right to see how the two results pages compare.

1. "what time does the super bowl start"

2. "kim kardashian"

3. "walmart"

4. "state of the union"

5. "microsoft hololens"

6. "deflated footballs"

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