Amazing Skateboarding Backflip Trick Lifts Tony Hawk's YouTube Channel

Adam Miller Videos Generate Widespread Attention

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When Tony Hawk thinks you're amazing people take notice. So it was on February 9th, when the legendary skateboarder posted a video to his YouTube channel, Ride, of Adam Miller performing a skateboard-to-skateboard gainer backflip at his Southern California skate park.

"Board-to-board backflip down 6 stairs! This is AMAZING. Introducing Adam Miller," tweeted Mr. Hawk.

It's now the channel's all-time most viewed video with 2.5 million views. A second Miller video, one that shows the skater practicing for the trick and falling repeatedly (a.k.a. a "slam video"), is the channel's trending video this week with more than 300,000 views. Those videos helped Ride, which is backed by Tony Hawk, capture the No. 7 spot on our YouTube Tracker as well as the designation Biggest Mover of the Week. The channel views grew by 399% over last week.

So what exactly is this gainer backflip thing? Mr. Miller, a skateboarder from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, skates up to a flight of six stairs, backflips off of the skateboard, over the stairs, and lands on a second skateboard waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs. Oh, and he does it all without any helmet or padding -- which makes the slam video especially nerve wracking.

It's the first time that this stunt has ever been successfully done, so naturally the response to the video has been pretty widespread, with Mr. Miller even interviewed on Good Morning America last Friday.

It impressed Mr. Hawk. When asked about the trick, he told TMZ, "I would love to try stuff like that, honestly, but I don't have that body sense, and that gymnastics background at all."

Tony Hawk was one of the earliest celebrities to sign on with YouTube Originals. Ride features 27 skateboarding shows about tricks, events, and interviews, and ranks No. 29 on our all-time ranking.

Here's the bone-jarring "slam video." To see the 6-step backflip Tony was talking about, and all of YouTube's Originals, check out Ad Age's Channel Tracker, powered by OpenSlate.

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