WiFi-Connected Phone Usage Goes Way Up

At Least According to Ad Request Data

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In a sign that consumers are increasingly choosing to log onto the internet from their cell phones, the latest data from ad network Ad Mob documents the rising use of mobile phones on WiFi networks.

Eight percent of total ad requests within Ad Mob's U.S. network came from WiFi networks, up from three percent in August.

Typically, users can access WiFi in the home, office or hotspots where personal computers are presumably present and available. Yet the results suggest that users are opting for their cell phones and are potentially more engaged with their handset than the PC. (Or too lazy to get up and grab the laptop when they're watching TV on the couch and need to do an IMDB search.)

When users go on WiFi, they may also be leaving the carrier's network, which means in some cases they may not see the carrier's deck, including its advertising. However, a number of factors will affect the visibility of the carrier content, such as how the carrier has configured the user's device and whether the user is on a carrier-owned WiFi network.

Other November highlights from Ad Mob's metrics report:

  • Worldwide, the iPhone served the most ad requests for a share of 6.3%, up 2.2% from October. By device maker, the honor goes to Nokia, with a share of 31.9%, down 4.3%.
  • In the U.S., the iPhone served the most ad requests for a share of nearly 10%, up three percent from October. In second place was the Motorola RAZR V3. By device maker, the honor goes to Motorola, with a share of 25.2%, down 1.7%.
  • 42% of U.S. iPhone requests were made on WiFi networks.
  • The U.S. market accounted for 42% of the total worldwide ad requests, up 4.8% from October.
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