How to Win at Facebook Without a Social Media 'Guru'

With These Simple Tactics, Anyone Can Be a Facebook 'Guru,' or Just Play One on the Internet

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Ashley Ringrose
Ashley Ringrose

Managing a successful Facebook brand page isn't rocket science, yet it seems to have spawned an entire industry of specialist agencies and executives--"social media gurus," if you will--to do the job. Yet with a tool box if simple, proven tactics just about anyone can can do it, which is why the "guru" mentality that still exists around Facebook is outdated and should go away. Now.

To help it on its merry way, we're sharing some of the best practices Soap Creative has used on a dozen or so pages we manage for Unilever, Activision, 20th Century Fox and others, as well as the ones we monitor regularly. We then "test and learn" with each one to see what works best for each audience. Simple stuff really.

This isn't the holy grail; but rather a road-tested 'cheat sheet' for quick wins on your Facebook page. Be aware there's much more to running a brand page than implementing a handful of tactics but we hope that this presentation sparks new ideas for your own pages. We welcome feedback and suggestions.

Ashley Ringrose is the founder of Soap Creative an independent digital agency with offices in Sydney and LA..
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