Amazon Kicks Sand in Face of Apple's IPad in Latest Spot

But Why Wait Until September To Show Kindle's Beach Superiority?

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Looks like Amazon has at least a little fight-back in its battle with Apple's iPad. In a spot that reportedly aired on Good Morning America today, Amazon highlighted one of the biggest criticisms of the iPad: how difficult it can be to read in direct sunlight. Two sunbathers on lounge chairs at the pool, are sitting side by side, each with the two e-readers du jour, iPad and Kindle. While the iPad reader is struggling to see anything on his highly reflective screen, the woman with the Kindle can see just fine.

While I applaud Kindle's attempts to carve out its niche --at $139 a pop, Kindle as beach reader is not completely unreasonable -- I'm a little confused at the timing. Amazon, why'd you wait until the first chilly September day in New York to air this spot? It's after Labor Day, and summer is unofficially over everywhere in the U.S. No one is straining to read an iPad in direct sunlight, or anything at the beach.

Wouldn't it have made more sense to take a first swipe at Apple in July, back when Amazon slashed its Kindle pricing? Or even months before that when the blogs seized on the fact that iPad is pretty much useless in the sun?

Amazon did also highlight a feature that makes sense in any season: Kindle is much cheaper than iPad, which costs $499 on the low end. Here's an idea for a good back-to-work/school spot: The iPad is a little heavy to easily juggle alongside a cup of coffee on the subway. Straphangers, time for a Kindle!

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