Bartz Mystery Not Cleared Up by LinkedIn or Facebook

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Who's Carol Bartz? Don't bother to look for a LinkedIn or a Facebook profile for the reported successor to Jerry Yang as CEO of Yahoo. The 60-year-old has successfully run a tech company, but doesn't appear to use the tools of today's internet exec. While you wouldn't expect the CEO of a public company to use LinkedIn, many CEOs and top execs do have profiles, if nothing else than to understand the networking tools used by the rank and file.

That Ms. Bartz is absent from the ubiquitous social networking services is adding to her mystery to those in media circles wondering: Who is this Ms. Bartz, anyway and who does she know? It also has some wondering if this is a sign -- like Terry Semel having his email printed for him -- that Bartz won't have a feel for where Yahoo needs to go.

Kevin Lee, CEO of search marketing firm Didit, wondered if Bartz can understand the kind of social services Yahoo is trying to build -- Yahoo ID, for example -- if she is not an active user. "She's clearly a tech exec and understands the ins and outs of a publicly-traded company but I m a little concerned given the core of Yahoo is advertising and marketing," Mr. Lee said.
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