Break Media, Lionsgate Double Down on 3-D Web Video

'Saw 3D' Sponsors Site With Girls-in-Bikini Videos

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Are young guys ready to watch web video in 3-D? Break Media and Lionsgate are attempting to figure that out with the official launch of Break's 3-D channel, sponsored by "Saw 3D."

The site represents the first major 3-D content hub on the web, and features sections such as Life 3D, where Break viewers can watch otherwise ordinary clips of girls in bikinis splashing each other in a pool, having a pillow fight or swinging on a swingset ... but in 3-D. Hollywood studio Lionsgate is, appropriately enough, featuring version of its trailer for "Saw 3D" and is helping Break get the word out about how viewers can get their free glasses. (The trailer itself is not in 3-D, but the content around it is.)

"Our film is in 'Real-D' and is a state-of-the-art 3-D experience unlike nothing else. We wanted to make sure people were aware of that in a really fun, engaging spot to play around with online to remind them to see 'Saw,'" said Danielle DePalma, Lionsgate's VP-new media.

This 2-D "Saw 3D" trailer appears amid 3-D content on Break's new channel.

Break's first venture into 3-D, a series of branded web shorts for Dell's Alienware filmed at Comic Con in July, was characterized by Break CEO Keith Richman as "hard to do and expensive," which is why sponsors like Dell and Lionsgate have been enlisted to offset the incremental costs of 3-D cameras and glasses deployment. Andy Tu, Break's VP-marketing, said the company has already distributed thousands of 3-D glasses and is confident that the channel will take off among its core audience of 18- to 34-year-old males.

"The movie studios have taught us that demand for 3-D is bigger than it ever has been," Mr. Lu said. "And as we try to push the envelope for content online, specifically content guys are gonna love, we really needed to be invested in 3-D."

Ms. DePalma added that the promotion is still so unique in the web space that Lionsgate doesn't have any formal audience goals or metrics attached to the campaign.

"We want Break to be the destination where people can watch our trailer, and we'll have lots of 3-D action surrounding the page," she said.

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