The (Not Quite) Definitive Guide to SXSW Panels

With Voting Closing Friday, Here's a Look at Some of the Prospective Panels

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SXSW seems far away, but panel picking has been in full swing and voting closes Friday, so we thought it'd be fun to pull together a few of the sessions that sound insightful, informative, or just plain interesting.

Culling through 144 pages of presentation proposals is , well, time-consuming, so it's quite possible I missed a few awesome things. So please, if you found one that belongs on this list, let us know in the comments!

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Millennials?
Because no one understands how we think and you really should. And I'm moderating.

How to profit from social beyond the real-time web
Because tapping the "interest graph" is where it's at.

Social Media: Good for Advertisers AND Audiences
Because we've only scratched the surface of what Social TV can do.

Let My Brand Entertain You
Because content is king and it's time for branded entertainment to take a step forward

Install This: Making Great Digital Experiences
Because the user experience determine the fate any new product or service.

The Underdog Marketer -- Virgin Mobile
Because Ron spoke about "Newsroom Marketing" at Ad Age 's CMO Summit and he totally killed it. Seriously. Killed it.

Stop Being Full of Shit
Because the title resonates with me. No clue if it will a good presentation though.

Women Unfiltered
Because there simply aren't enough women on panels about technology (and we could use more women in technology, too).

Which Screen Am I Looking At?
Because we're all rooting for a Yahoo turnaround and if they can make sense of this chaos, I'm in.

Twice As Interesting Beats Half the Price
Because the premise is awesome controversial, and I want to hear them make this case in an economy of fiscally reserved, bargain-hunting consumers.

Tap It: Impact of NFC on Retailers and Consumers
Because this is the year of NFC! OK, you've heard that one before, I know, but at least there finally are smartphones on the market that support the technology and we're all SO sick of QR codes, it just needs to happen.

A Quickie In Your Wallet: The Future of Money Because NFC or not, mobile commerce is the future and marketers will play a big role in how it comes to life.

Don't Believe the Hype: State of Mobile Payments
Because it will be a good counterpoint to the previous session, and we need a realistic look at where we're at -- it's the only way to move things forward.

Brands in Beta
Because we live in a real-time world, advertising needs to become much more nimble, and the client-agency relationship must evolve accordingly.

Always On: Sociological Implications of Duck Face
Because DUCK FACE! No clue what to expect from this one, but they win the best title award.

When Sh*t Hits the Fan: An Online Crisis Drill
Because most brands still don't know what to do in response to leaked videos of employees doing disgusting things to something people buy or eat.

TV's Are the New Storefront Window
Because the second screen experience is as much about commerce as it is about content or social. Seriously, I might actually go to this one.

Augmented Reality Brings Personalization to Stores
Because it's about time someone do something useful with Augmented Reality and 'Personalized Retail Shopping Experiences' seem like a damn good place to start.

GIF Marketing -- Turning a Trend into Profit
Because .gifs will become the predominant form of media and content on the internet and mobile devices within the next five years. You think I'm kidding? Just wait.

Mobile Payments Innovation: If You Build It. . .
Because. Are you sensing a trend here? I suppose MasterCard and Bank of America might have something worthwhile to contribute to this conversation.

Why the Future of Advertising Isn't Advertising
Because everyone hates advertising, right?

That's it for my recommendations. What did I miss?

David Teicher is Ad Age 's social media and event content manager. Follow him on Twitter @Aerocles.
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