Facebook Makes Another Twitter-Like Move

Starting Today, You Can Make Status Updates Public

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Facebook just took another shot at Twitter.

Starting now, you can publish status updates not just to your "friends" on Facebook but to everyone. That means your status updates can be visible to not only those in your social network but those who aren't and, maybe even more importantly, Google, Bing and every other search engine that indexes Facebook pages and profiles.

Here's how the setting looks, courtesy of AllFacebook:

Facebook settings

This is definitely a first step toward opening up a platform that has built its success on giving its users full control of letting only certain people in. Perhaps Facebook is realizing that being ubiquitous means opening up even further than the Facebook Connect platform has allowed it to. Or maybe it's just feeling the Twitter heat. Either way, Facebook just got a little more public.

When Facebook launched its Pages product, it made brand pages look, feel and act more like profiles. Now profiles are acting more like Pages. If this is a step toward going the "full monty," is it something that users will embrace -- or shun? Either way, this is something to pay attention to. I'm sure Facebook will be paying very close attention to it.

We all live in public now, apparently.

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Ian Schafer is CEO of Deep Focus.

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